Lahnalahti Park is central to the milieu of the part of Lauttasaari that was developed in the 1950s. The park is in three sections and consists of a play park, a playing field and a green area in between the two. Before the renovation of the park in 2001, the play park was small and the playground equipment in poor condition. The plants had also suffered due to the heavy use of the park, and many of the trees were old and overshadowed the play areas.

As part of the renovation the trees were thinned out to reduce the shadows and to help nurture the young hardwood trees. New plants were also introduced. Traffic noise was reduced by means of landscaping, and peaceful rest areas were created within the curved noise barriers.

The area to the north of the main play park building is intended for climbing and ball games, and the amphitheatre on the mound closest to the building can be used for a variety of events.

A play area for small children is located within the shelter of three mounds and features a large sandbox, play houses and spring riders. A variety of trees grow on the embankments, including weeping ash trees. The animal sculptures and dolphin fountain were made in the workshop of the Public Works Department under the direction of Jukka Toivonen.

The play park is intended for use by local children of all ages and their parents. Young schoolchildren can play safely there in the afternoons, and inside they can do their homework, eat snacks and play with their friends and schoolmates.

The philosophy behind the park is stated elegantly: “Lahnalahti Play Park is an open environment for playing and learning that promotes a sense of community and interaction and supports parenthood, responsibility and taking care of friendships.” Park supervisors are on hand daily between 10am and 5pm.