The highlight of Tuorinniemi Park is its south-facing sandy beach. The design of the park seeks to differentiate its different sections. The beach and lawns are suitable for people of all ages. Low plants create peaceful spaces while retaining the views to the sea. The layout of the flowerbeds separates the spaces and creates a unique appearance for the park.

The steep rocks conceal many exciting places for adventures and relaxing. There is even a small creek that you can play in. A dancing stage and grilling area were built on the rocks, but unfortunately both have succumbed to vandalism. The wooden stage burned down in 2008.

Tuorinniemi Play Park was designed for use by children of all ages and for various sporty games. Local children and their parents gather here frequently. The small area attracts many users and is therefore subject to a lot of wear and tear. A daycare centre and elementary school are housed in the same building in the play park.

In some areas of the park there is an obvious lack of cycle paths, and shortcuts have appeared across the lawns. Although the new residential district appears to have many expansive green areas, the area is so busy that the parks are actually quite small and few compared to the number of residents.