Park culture in Maunula began with Sorsapuisto “Duck Park”. A tributary of the Mätäpuro creek flows through the park. City gardener Beng Schalin created the landscape park and the festivities area around 1950 in a low-lying wetland area. The park has a natural pond, walking paths, perennials and a wide variety of trees, including traditional domestic species, as well as poplars and fir trees.

The park was once used as a venue for summer festivities, whereas these days it is used more for outdoor aerobics. The general appearance of the park is beginning to deteriorate, and a major renovation is planned in the near future. Repairs to the water features and lighting are in most need of attention. The aim is to maintain the original style of the park, and the renovation will begin by making a comprehensive plant inventory. This popular park serves as a gateway to the Keskuspuisto central park. Next to the park is a local parks department building and playing field.