Vuosaari hill has been built as a comfortable outdoor area and natural oasis. The recreational area is 95 hectares in size.

There are plenty of routes for hikers of all levels, from easy-to-walk service roads to rocky little paths. Some of the routes provided with signs are difficult to walk in places. Using pushchairs on the paths is not recommended. There is no winter maintenance in the area.

In connection with the main entrance, there are two guide containers that provide information about the place.

Nature trail calling

Explore the special nature of Vuosaari hill on two nature trails with a total of 13 nature information boards. A large number of city employees have been involved in building Vuosaari hill. The development of the landscape and nature has been particularly influenced by nature gardener Jukka Toivonen and soil expert Pirjo Laulumaa.

On Jukka’s Trail, nature signs 1–8 (1.3 km), you can admire the expansive view from the highest point of Vuosaari hill, but also dive into the shadow of the groves. The route has significant differences in altitude, and the paths are steep and rocky in places.

On Pirjo’s Path, nature signs 9–13 (1.1 km), you can enjoy the impressive pass and flowering meadows. The route is fairly even and easy to walk.

The nature trails are located in the eastern part of Vuosaari hill, in the soil fill area. The nature trails begin and end at the same point below the pass. There are signs from the main entrance to sign 1 of the nature trails, which is 800 metres away. Cycling is forbidden on the nature trails.