At the eastern edge of Alppipuisto Park is an attractive small green that was created in the 1960s and is referred to as Apple Blossom Park. Steps lead up to the park from the street Sturenkatu.

The park has benches for sitting and relaxing and is surrounded by Sargent crabapples (Malus toringo var. sargentii) with perennials growing in the centre. Among the white-blossomed Sargent crabapples grow other pink- and red-blossomed crabapple trees. This small park is a unique little oasis among the parks in Helsinki and is certainly worth a visit, especially when the trees are in blossom in late May and early June.

The steps up to the secret garden begin on Sturenkatu opposite “Jehoshaphat’s Rocks” Elina Nummi
In addition to crabapple trees and Sargent’s apples, the park also has bistort and geraniums Elina Nummi
A small crabapple tree with dark red flowers is now being reproduced and sold under the name Malus ‘Linnanmäki’ Elina Nummi