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Park Promenade Haltiala

    Haltiala (Tomtbacka in Swedish) is the most extensive recreational green area in Helsinki. It forms part of Central Park (Keskuspuisto in Finnish) and the district of Tuomarinkylä, which is on the very northern edge of Helsinki. The quiet countryside here can be reached from the city centre in less than an hour – the bus ride takes 45 minutes, after which one must walk 1 to 2 kilometres.

  • Haltiala Farm today

  • Ruutin­koski rapids

  • Vantaanjoki riverbank

  • Haltiala protected forest

  • Pitkäkoski groves

  • Niskala arboretum

  • History of Tuomarinkylä Manor

  • Helsinki and Vantaa, the neighbouring municipality to the north, are divided by the Vantaanjoki river. Two pedestrian and cycle bridges cross the river: one by the Pitkäkoski rapids and one south of the Haltiala Farm. Buses 650 and 620 stop near the second of these bridges (Koetilankatu stop), from where there is a short walk of around 1 kilometre to Haltiala Farm. The walk from the last stop of bus 67 by Laamanninpuisto park in Torpparinmäki is around 2 kilometres. These buses depart from Railway Square in the centre of Helsinki.

    The Haltiala name also refers to the old manor house at Haltiala Farm, which is owned by the City of Helsinki. There are five protected nature reserve areas on the farm’s land, which once formed part of Tuomarinkylä Manor.