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12 A reminder of the cycle of life

You are nearing the end of Maunula Nature Trail. From here you can either head west back to the Maunula recreational hut (Maunulan maja) or continue southwards for another 300 metres to the pet cemetery on the other side of the Metsäläntie underpass.

Maunula Nature Trail has highlighted natural diversity and the cycle of life. Death and grieving are an unavoidable part of this cycle, as is the new life – with its own joys and sorrows – that sprouts after death.

The pet cemetery has around 3000 small graves. The individual gravestones and mementos reflect the longing of people after the death of their beloved pets. The pet cemetery is maintained by the Helsinki Humane Society HESY (the Helsinki Society for Animal Protection).

Life continues its cycle in the dense spruce forest that surrounds the cemetery. Tits and crests chirp on the branches while voles and mice scurry around below. The life cycle of anyone of these could end suddenly in the claws of a fox, owl or hawk, who in will turn have food to feed their young.

The cycle continues.