Niskala section


This section features a selection of deciduous trees and shrubs that grow naturally in Finland. The pond and ditch are bordered by black alders, white elms, white birches, bird cherries and goat willows, which like the moist and rich soil. Silver birches, rowans, grey alders and mountain currant shrubs thrive in the slightly drier areas.

Frogs use the pond in spring for spawning, while on summer evenings bats hunt for insects here. Many grove species can be found in the area, including Trush Nightingales, Blackcaps, Icterine Warblers, Reed Warblers and Savi’s Warblers.

Maintaining biodiversity is one of the guiding principles of the arboretum. That’s why there is a lot of dead and rotting wood left for different species. The arboretum is maintained as a rich forest with multiple layers and an abundance of species. In addition to the dense forest there are also small meadow areas where fruit trees and berry producing trees and schrubs are grown.

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