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Maunula Nature Trail

Maunula Nature Trail

Natural diversity and the cycle of life in Helsinki’s Central Park.

Maunula Nature Trail takes you through the charming scenery of Maunula Park, where you can enjoy the forest, hazel groves, a creek and the cultural landscape.

The Nature Trail is approximately 3.3 kilometres long and is marked by signs bearing a fir cone.

The theme of the nature trail is “Natural diversity and the cycle of life”. By circling the trail all the way round and back to the Maunula recreational hut, you can learn more about the local inhabitants – plants and animals – who live and die here among the nature during their own natural cycles.

The nature trail is suitable for hikers but not for strollers, for example. The trail is not maintained in wintertime.

The trail is steep in places, but you can bypass the rocks along other paths (see the map).

Note that the trail passes through the Maunula Urn Cemetery, the gates of which are kept open until 10pm. Kindly show respect and walk quietly through the cemetery. The cemetery is not a suitable place for picnics.

In addition, please note that the allotment gardens in Maunula Park are private property, although you are allowed to walk along the paths between the allotments.

A picnic area can be found alongside the Haaganpuro creek between the cemetery and the allotment gardens.

Maunula Park is part of Helsinki’s Central Park, Keskuspuisto, which was founded in 1914. The Central Park stretches all the way from the city centre to the northern limits of the city at the Vantaanjoki river.

Maunula Nature Trail is an initiative by local residents that was created in co-operation with the City of Helsinki.

Along the nature trail you could meet…


Maunulan maja Maunula recreational hut

The “Maunulan maja” recreational hut was built in 1914 and was once used by the civil guards and Finnish Forest Association. Olympic biathloners practiced and competed here in 1952. Remnants of the old shooting range can be found to the east and northeast of the hut.

Since 1960 the recreational hut has been maintained by Helsingin Latu – The Outdoor Association of Helsinki, and it serves all visitors to the park.

The hut houses a café and sauna, and it can also be rented for private occasions. On the porch you will see a box where visitors can record their nature observations.