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East Asia

Parts of East Asia have a climate similar to that of Finland, making it possible to transfer plants from these areas and grow them in Finland. Such areas can be found in the far eastern parts of Russia, by the Pacific Ocean, and in the north eastern parts of China, mainly in the Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces. They can also be found in some of the mountainous regions of the Korean peninsula. East Asian plants have been cultivated in Finland only since the early 1900s and initially only in collections, such as in botanic gardens and arboretums.

East Asia’s flora is very diverse with an abundance of species. Many of these plants are also extremely decorative. In general the trees in this area are smaller and often more delicate than the often large trees in North America. East Asian plants are typically continental climate species. The continental climate predominates in the dry temperate zones in the interior of the continent and is characterised by strong temperature fluctuations. Summers are dry and hot whereas winters are very cold. East Asian plants bud early and are therefore exposed to frosts. They are usually well prepared for autumn and can therefore cope well with the Finnish winter.

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