Niskala section


This section features coniferous tree species from regions that have similar climates to ours in Europe, East Asia, Japan and North America. Many of these species are very decorative and their needles have different shades of green. There are significantly less coniferous trees than broadleaved trees in the world – approximately 600 softwoods species compared to more than 10,000 hardwood species.

Only four coniferous species are native to Finland: Norway Spruce, Scots Pine, Common Juniper and – in Åland only – Common Yew. However, there are altogether around 100 separate species of pine trees, 40 spruce species, a similar number of juniper species and eight yew species. Conifers are often associated with northern forests, yet most of them grow in the southern hemisphere and tropics. Larch trees are also conifers but they are deciduous, meaning they lose their needles in the autumn unlike evergreens.

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